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Nasheka Medley

Nasheka Medley is a licensed Cosmetologist, wife, mom, Christian (Church of Christ) , and educator from Lakeland, Florida. She began hair braiding at the age of 10 by watching her mom’s hairstylist do hair and began practicing on her two younger sister’s hair. In high school, she decided to braid her classmate’s hair for free and after her high school graduation, she started to charge a small amount of money to help pay towards her 1st car. In 2008, she decided to open her own mobile hair braiding salon and began reading about internet marketing to get clients from the internet. In 2009, she opened her 1st ever natural hair braiding studio that attracted many new clients and others as far as Georgia would travel to her. In 2010, she came up with a plan to offer hands-on hair braiding courses and certifications to hair braiders around the world. She has taught look and learn hair braiding classes at Traviss Career Center and Paul Mitchell School in Tampa, Fl for over 250 students and expanded her business in 2012 by offering one on one training and online hair coaching services for braiders all over the world.
She has been featured in Black Sophisticates hair magazine, Bijoux hair magazine, Reno 911 Miami, Dr. Oz show, and many other tv shows.